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The true meaning of beauty is JESUS

Real beauty isn’t found in getting your nails painted, dying your hair, getting a golden tan or wearing the latest worldly attire. Real beauty isn’t found in makeup, beauty salons or fashion magazines.  True beauty is found within the heart that fears, loves and obeys JESUS daily. JESUS makes His wife beautiful by adorning her with Himself, HIS love, HIS holiness and HIS righteousness. It is profitable and wise to put on the garments of CHRIST that you may be sanctified through HIS LOVE and HIS BEAUTY. JESUS IS BEAUTIFUL.
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I see so many talking about keeping or losing their salvation as if it’s some sort of golden ticket, it is grieving to the heart of JESUS that people are missing the point…. JESUS IS SALVATION! Those who know and love JESUS are terrified of HURTING HIM, DISOBEYING HIM AND LOSING HIM. Those who love JESUS, fear Him and seek His will daily, they know that it is very possible to LOSE Him if they do not obey Him.  The written word says that His wrath remains on the disobedient children. JESUS’ children are following Him because they LOVE & FEAR Him and want to BE WITH HIM FOR ETERNITY.  It IS possible to walk away from JESUS and to LOSE Him. MANY have grieved the LORDS Spirit as MANY have chosen a spiritual death (practicing sin and dying in their sins, going to hell) rather than choosing Life by loving and obeying Him. So, can you lose your salvation (JESUS)? YES YOU CAN, but why would you want to do that? CLING TO JESUS.

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Cling to JESUS

The BIGGEST fear one has when they Know and Love Jesus, is losing Him.
Sadly, there are people in hell who were once full of the Spirit of Jesus. If you truly know Him, do not take Him for granted, CLING to Him. Though the days are very dark and more destruction and trials have yet to come, Jesus will be a refuge to all who trust in Him. Don’t give up in your walk, keep hold of His hand TIGHTLY. It is man who choose to walk away from Him. Jesus cares for every soul on this earth. He desires all to know Him.
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