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Most are hiding behind a mask

Jesus knows your inner dark secrets. He knows your insecurities and fears behind the mask you put on daily for your peers. Jesus knows the pressures that are placed upon your shoulders to PLEASE man. Jesus knows that even though you seem to “have it all”, you are dying inside.

Popularity and praises of man will not fill the hunger for love that’s deep within your heart, the temporary comforts of this world are a delusion, a temporary “fix”, all lies from satan!


Jesus will give you ETERNAL answers that you need to understand how to have TRUE peace in your soul. 

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MANY are loving satans kingdom (the world)

Satan is enticing MANY to receive his spiritual mark and to ride his roller coaster of DEATH through this crazy carnival world. This world is soo busy planning and scheduling their lives on satan’s calendar. It’s a mess with all the flashing signs and arrows pointing to a sinful life that will surely send crowds to perish in hell IF they don’t REPENT.

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Jesus’ kingdom is not of this world.

Jesus is not in the system of money and labor. It was never his will for you to feel obligated to work hard for a family to store perishable things of this world.  He dwells in the heart that labors in getting to know Him, one that loves and obeys him. A person who loves the LORD will do His will even when it causes our joy and comforts, one who is diligently seeking righteousness and truth in all things.

Lay aside the burden that the world puts on you. We don’t need material things; a career, house, money, clothes or anything else to give us joy. If we were homeless JESUS would STILL provide. All we need is JESUS (truth).

Imagine living in a shack such as this one…

…this shack is full of pure laughter and joy, and set apart from flattery and opinions of man, having no more worries, burdens or expectations of a world that tells us what we need to achieve to be “happy and successful”.  A family who spends the day genuinely loving each other and going on walks and talking with Jesus, dancing in the freedom from bill collectors, and the false comfort of health and life insurance that expires after this life!!

Imagine living in this shack with the ones you love, with an eternal goal of real happiness which is seeking Jesus with all of your heart, sanctification, living holy and longing for the day our Lord brings justice and comes to gather His bride. Those who have His spirit have freedom from bondage of sin and the things of this world, they are free from a system that places burden on laborers backs without end. Be separate from this world and trust in JESUS today!

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