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You See

“You See”

You see every pebble that falls from a mountain, and every snowflake that blankets the quiet forests.

You see every leaf that falls, every rain drop, every flower that blooms.

You see every tree rise, every piece of grass that takes its place, and weed hidden deep within bristle.

You see every caves deepest secrets, every creature unknown to man in the seas, swamps and desert.

You see every cloud lose its shape to form a new, and every gust of wind that blows in all direction.

You see every wave that crashes, every bubble that forms from the breath of your mammals.

You see every insect, every parasite and everything that is invisible to man’s naked eye.

You see every vine that reaches for the sky, every pebble and roots that bury themselves deep within your earth.

You see all of your creations, creatures and the heart motivations of man; NOTHING is hidden from the eye of our creator!

– Jackie 2010

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