Contact me and follow my FACEBOOK & GOOGLE + profiles…

Jesus leads me to post on facebook and google +, that is why I haven’t been posting on here.

You can contact me…  &

God bless you~


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One thought on “Contact me and follow my FACEBOOK & GOOGLE + profiles…

  1. Hello. I just wanted to stop by and thank you for your videos on youtube. I stumbled upon them a couple of months ago. You always seemed to have one with a message I was searching for. I’m still a little new to all this. I’ve asked Jesus to baptize me with the blood of the lamb and guide my life and fill me with the Holy Spirit. I can feel him working on me, but sometimes I feel like I’m letting him down. Did you feel this at first? I hope you don’t miss this, as I see you have someone else here ranting on your page. I feel sorry for him. I pray he finally finds Jesus. And I was wondering if you could pray for me if you have time. My name is Philip. Thank you again and God bless.

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