Come to me just as you are…

repentanceJESUS desires to give you the authority to crush satan under YOUR feet daily, JESUS has the power to protect your soul. His mercy is here and now FOR YOU. Are you angry? Do you want revenge upon all who have hurt your heart? Do you have addictions that you cannot control? Do you cry yourself to sleep at night not understanding how to overcome your depression? Do you feel worthless and empty inside? Do you hate yourself? JESUS LOVES YOU and HE CARES. He desires to comfort you daily and to give you the answers that you have been seeking in other places… JESUS has the understanding and healing that your heart needs.

JESUS IS SAYING, “Come to me just as you are. Ignore all the negative thoughts that you are having right now, satan is a liar, believe what I say IS truth. YOU ARE LOVED, I created you to be loved, I HAVE LOVE TO GIVE YOU MY BELOVED! COME TO ME, I will give you the perfect peace and comfort that you need. You can trust me, tell me everything that is on your heart, I LOVE YOU.”

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2 thoughts on “Come to me just as you are…

  1. Paulette

    Oh my … how I desperately NEEDED to hear this today! I’ve been begging God to speak to me and let me know that I’m still His child. I’ve been having so many many negative depressing thoughts and I have not been able to overcome… This is the message I needed to hear. And this I believe is the answer from heaven to me. Thank you, Jackie, so very, very much!

  2. aww!! JESUS loves you Paulette, He cares for every thought and feeling that you have, He can give you the discernment to know your thoughts, the enemies arrows and JESUS’ thoughts from each other, ask him each day and He will show you 🙂

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