The Lukewarm Heart Is Grieving JESUS

jesus waitsThe lukewarm heart is deeply grieving to the heart of JESUS yet He is faced to endure such a great, painful rejection daily from MOST who claim His name as FEW are taking the time with JESUS to get to know Him. JESUS has shared His heart with me of the sorrowful and heavy pain of waiting for a hearts undivided attention and for their full submission to His LOVE. JESUS knows what it feels like when a lukewarm heart claims to love Him but their spirit, heart and actions show otherwise. It breaks the heart of my God  and me when someone claims to love Him with their lips yet they do not love Him in spirit and in truth. I truly do understand and agree with the heart of my Lord Jesus when He said, “I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.” It makes Jesus literally sick to His stomach to witness a people who claim His name and they do not truly know and love Him, He endures such painful experiences and feelings of rejection from the lukewarm heart DAILY. He just wants a heart to truly Love Him.  Imagine a spouse ignoring you for the most part of the day, you sit back and watch them giving all of their time and heart into things that will surely die such as worldly entertainments and other wicked things, all the while you remain long-suffering and patient, waiting for them to just grab you by the hand to tell you something intimate, and waiting for an invitation from their heart to hug you. Imagine having to wait hour after hour, day after day for a moment to receive love that may never come. But JESUS waits patiently, JESUS continues to endure each painful day loving them with all of His heart and receiving nothing in return. 😥  Most will not understand this pain unless they go through it with JESUS, it is only through His love and strength that I am able to endure such pain each day in my own walk with JESUS as I know and feel His heart. JESUS can teach you about loving with HIS love if you will trust Him, He wants a relationship WITH you.  JESUS is a God with feelings, a jealous God with a deep sorrowful pain, His heart seeks to be loved in spirit and in TRUTH just as you and I desire to be loved. HE IS LOVE! JESUS desires every heart to love Him in return willfully.
Written and inspired by the heart of Jesus Christ on 2/28/13
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3 thoughts on “The Lukewarm Heart Is Grieving JESUS

  1. Daph

    Wow Jackie, this post couldnt have come at a better time for me, because, I have sunken to the level of lukewarmness at this time. I am spiritualy EMPTY and have become “bored”. I have sought the world somewhat to fill my emptyness and it has cost me (my “relationship” with Jesus) also certain sins I was dealing with the past few months have magnified.
    I’m still not born again obviously and their are many times when I just dont get this christianity thing. Because of my recent lukewarmness and magnifying sins, I have been asking Jesus why have you not spued me out yet? Why do you STILL put up with me and my sins every single moment? (Besides the fact that you love me).
    I am utterly alone and responsible for me, but I have to do this alone because nobody can do this for me. Yes I guess I wish I was possesed by Jesus, so He can completely take over my entire being and then I would never be this wishy washy, inconsistent, failing, lukewarm, wanna be born again christian who rejects and neglects Him. Lord forgive my recent lukewarmness towards You.

  2. shilohsfire

    I thought I would leave a hopeful comment, concerning my sin of lukewarmness from above. On August 9th, I had reached a point where I became very self hating. I couldn’t read the word, talk to Jesus or look at a picture of Him, I was being tormented in my mind & a few of those old sins of mine reared their ugly heads. Earlier that day I had been on a website where people of all walks of life posted how much they hated themselves. I was so broken hearted for them, beacause I knew they needed Jesus. Late that same night I ended up pouring my heart out to Jesus & do you know what he did? He lifted that burden off my heart when I got done & I told Him I was sorry. These past 3 months without Him have felt like an eternity, but I am back on the path again. So I thank you Jesus, how kind of you, because no man could ever do what you did. Without you I am miserable. I pray this short testimony helps anyone.

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