The Adulterous Wife: My Testimony

This video is the testimony of my life, this is the sin that I was living in when I repented when I came to JESUS. I was born of JESUS’ spirit after I’d repented of a lifestyle of living as the sinful rebellious wife. MEN have created their own definition of marriage!! A REAL marriage before GOD is when a man and a woman marry each other neither having been married before. That is a covenant marriage before God. When you make that commitment before Jesus and to your spouse, He expects you to KEEP that vow, till death do you part, no matter your circumstance and situation, He will give you the strength to obey all that He commands of you to remain faithful to your role to your life-long covenant and commitment as husband/wife. Read the book of Hosea and ask Jesus for understanding. There are many who claim they can remarry but if you go to JESUS and you REALLY want to understand His heart, He will tell you the truth! FEW are willing to accept the truth about marriage because the way is narrow, but JESUS’ counsel is perfect and He will heal and comfort your heart if you’ll allow Him.

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4 thoughts on “The Adulterous Wife: My Testimony

  1. Baerbel

    Thank you, dear Jackie. Jesus truly speaks through you. You are such a blessing. I love you as my sister. May you be always in His arms.

  2. Thank you so Much Baerbel ❤ You are soo loved. I love you and Jesus loves you so much ((HUG))

  3. Johanna

    Your testimony is so true! Thank you again for your beautiful prayer and gentle words via e-mail earlier… I feel like this video was so very important to me. I cried my eyes out listening and watching that story about Hosea in the end =) Jesus loves us so much!!!

    Thank you so much Jackie , thank You Lord, for your amazing gift of spreading the Word. I`m so hungry of Gods word and want to learn to know Him more every day! ❤

  4. Aw Im so happy that it blessed you in some way, JESUS is sooo good, all glory to Him ❤ wow amen, He does love us all sooo much, he doesn't want not one to perish. Jesus bless you beloved Johanna 🙂 Love you, Jesus loves you so much

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