The Invisible God Made Manifest

JESUS allows me to feel His heart daily as I see Him and hear Him in spirit because I walk by His spirit, I seek Him with my whole heart and choose to obey Him and in doing so I’ve learned to take part in the suffering and joy with my Lord as He takes part in suffering and sharing joy with me.  I am not alone, thank you JESUS!!! You don’t have to be alone anymore either!!! There are many times when I’m in a room full of people and I am misunderstood and made to feel invisible by most because my language is my Father’s language, which is spiritual, peculiar and not understood by most. So you see, JESUS knows how it feels to be misunderstood!! He knows the pain of enduring the rejection moments by His earthly kin and acquaintances as they would gather around and become silent or they would direct their attention to vain things because they did not agree with His ways.  Jesus knows what it’s like to long suffer by continuing to love people as they live to hate Him and reject His heart. JESUS cares for every moment when a heart feels unloved and invisible, HE UNDERSTANDS rejection more than anyone else. JESUS also takes part in the sufferings of His children when they are feeling alone, misunderstood or overlooked as Most will separate themselves from His children too because strangers are rejecting His Holy Spirit whom lives in His children.  I love being close to JESUS, He is the protector of my heart, my perfect peace and comforter in all things. His children love to comfort Him and they desire to protect His heart from all pain. JESUS shares this part of His heart with me quite frequently and recently He commanded that I share this with you…

ARE YOU FEELING INVISIBLE? Jesus understands your pain of rejection and the lack of love, JESUS cares, after all….He is the invisible God to MOST as most don’t acknowledge Him and His love in all things. His heart is grieving for those who do not look His way, from each moment that passes by and each day that is lived by MOST in selfishness, JESUS is neglected, rejected, hated and ignored for no reason at all.  Most are all about serving self and embracing the world and the temporary comfort it provides.  JESUS offers a love that this world CANNOT and will NEVER fill. Do you feel like people don’t take the time to listen to you and do you feel as if your loved ones lack to know and understand you completely? Jesus knows what that feels like too, even though some people are aware of His existence they still lack the desire to truly communicate with His heart, most aren’t interested in getting to know Him on a deep intimate level. Most do not understand that our Creator wants a deep intimate relationship with them DAILY.  I have seen people talk about God as though He’s floating on a cloud somewhere or looking down from the heavens above, they assume that God’s in control so there’s no need to make the effort to talk with Him. The whole idea of talking to Him and Him talking back seems alien or strange to most in this world. Most aren’t aware that He is the God who desires to manifest Himself to each heart in spirit and in truth. Most of this world assumes that His children are insane when they share about when they hear from God. (Not usually by audible communication, but by His wisdom and understanding through the spirit), so most assume that His true children are strange, legalistic and that they have taken their love for JESUS “too far”. But what most don’t understand is that Jesus IS REAL, He is a real person with REAL feelings and He is searching for the hearts that will allow Him to become LORD over their entire life.  His will is to manifest Himself to you that you may communicate with Him on a daily basis and share in His love, that He may become apart of all your thoughts, decisions and your hearts desires. JESUS wants a relationship with you, that He may manifest Himself to you completely. When one cries out to Him with all their heart, Jesus will answer and when He chooses to reveal Himself to that person then He will no longer be the invisible God! But to those who continue to ignore His knocking, He will continue to hide Himself, and why shouldn’t He? He has every right to keep His heart hidden to the hearts that will not love Him in return.  JESUS desires His children to comfort His heart by choosing to do what is right, if a heart is not willing to submit to His Lordship, then He will not manifest Himself upon that soul.  You wouldn’t give your heart to a complete stranger whom does not care to get to know you, nor cares to spend time with you, would you? Neither will JESUS, not unless the stranger is willing to get to know Him. He is looking for the heart that will embrace Him in return willfully.

baptism of jesusThose who seek Jesus with their whole hearts are rewarded by being beckoned into His Kingdom (JESUS’ heart), which is also the most intimate covenant and friendship!  JESUS continues SPEAKING to the hearts upon this earth because HE LOVES EVERY HEART AND HE CARES FOR EVERY SOUL. JESUS knows your pain, your loneliness, your rejected heart and HE cares. His eye is upon you at ALL times, He understands your heart, your struggles, your entire life story and He suffers as He continues to watch you make destructive decisions that cause you to continue to suffer the insanity routine of sin, and remaining under the curse and the bondage of satan. You are certainly NOT invisible to JESUS!!! JESUS Himself created you from the very depths of His heart.  The motive of His heart in creating you was that you may share intimacy and eternal love with each other! His desire is to heal the hearts that are broken and lost by baptizing them with Himself and counseling each heart to LIFE.  JESUS loves you so much. JESUS will manifest Himself upon you IF you will seek Him with your whole heart, mind and soul daily. JESUS is very real, JESUS manifests His heart, His countenance, His supernatural presence, His peace that surpasses all understanding, He reveals the fullness of His Holy Name to those who seek Him and He manifests His kingdom upon all whom love and obey Him with all their heart!  JESUS hides His heart from strangers, but He is WILLING to reveal Himself to any who will come to Him. His will is that all come to repentance. JESUS is inviting you and all upon this earth to come and dine with Him daily, to become His friend by communing and agreeing with His heart and by eating the bread of life that He offers, which is Himself. His will is to baptize you with His spirit!! Those whom obey Him and apply all of HIS counsel to their life daily are truly blessed!!!
Have you met JESUS in spirit? Do you truly know Him? You will know for certain if you have met JESUS, there’s no mistaking the moment, there’s no forgetting the moment of meeting your Creator! If you are uncertain if you have met JESUS, then you have not met Your Creator. One must be born again to enter into His kingdom, JESUS IS THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN!!! Those who meet Him will have a supernatural experience, they will feel His presence strongly, HIS love, His judgement, His mercy, His wrath, and so much more within those precious moments of meeting the King of Kings. Those whom meet JESUS will fall at His feet in full submission being filled with LIFE.  JESUS HIMSELF, YES, GOD ALMIGHTY comes to the very location in spirit of the heart that cries out to Him in spirit and in truth. Those whom are born again physically FEEL His presence pour upon them, it’s a very real event that takes place. JESUS wants to pour His spirit within you, He desires for you to be born again!! DRAW near to Him with all your heart, mind and soul, continue to seek Him daily and ask Him to baptize you with His spirit. Meeting JESUS is a knowing that you know that you know, that you just met the KING OF KINGS.  Meeting God Almighty is not a moment that a heart can forget unless they have chosen to walk away from Him and were blinded once again.  Many have tasted and have seen His goodness and they have walked away, but those whom love Him will not forget Him and He does not forget His children. JESUS has so much to share with you, call upon Him right where you are and pour your heart out before Him, JESUS is willing to forgive you and to comfort you right where you are.
If you have met JESUS in spirit can you please share your experience in the comment box below?  If you are uncertain if you have met Him, then you haven’t, you would know if you have, would you like to get to know Him today?? He desires to manifest Himself to you right now, don’t miss out on the LOVE that you have been searching for your whole life.
Colossians 1:14-20
14 Who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature: For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him: And he is before all things, and by him all things consist. And he is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things he might have the preeminence. For it pleased the Father that in him should all fulness dwell; And, having made peace through the blood of his cross, by him to reconcile all things unto himself; by him, I say, whether they be things in earth, or things in heaven.

Hebrews 4:13
Neither is there any creature that is not manifest in his sight: but all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of him with whom we have to do.

Hebrews 11:27
By faith he forsook Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king: for he endured, as seeing him who is invisible.

Romans 1:20
For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse

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One thought on “The Invisible God Made Manifest

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your heart and heart of God with all of us. Your posts encourage me and I learned so much from you, I don’t really have social life and spend most of the time alone and I appreciate every moment that God shares with me, because I so want to be with Him, although I sinned but my soul is crying and suffering because I went back to sin and not walked in the ways of the Lord.

    But first, thank you heavenly Father for all that You are, and all that You do in our lives, every good and perfect gift comes from You, so all the thanks goes to you Father. We depend on You, on Your love and mercy all the time, thank you for Your faithfullness, thank you for Your patience, please be with us and lead us in everything, may only Your will happen Father and let your Kingdom come, we long for your presence, only in You we have strength, hope and life, I am so undeserving I know, but only in You is hope, I seek your mercy Lord, because I need You, I want You, I want that You make me and use me as You want, I completely failed with life, and I sinned and hurt myself way too much, but you know our hearts Father, you know that I love people especially those who are alone, abandoned and suffering in many different ways. And there are many. Pain, saddness and tears are almost too much to bear. Oh God, I’m so tired of crying…, many don’t care or are afraid, but I know You care :**(, I even don’t know how to do anything without You, Your counsel is my light, I even don’t have courage to live myself. But I would help I stranger who suffers at any time. It’s so heart-breaking :*( And I spent so much more time dealing with me and my sin instead of helping others. I was so selfish. We need you so much Lord, and we are so thankful Jesus that You are so faithuI, more than a brother, You stick to the end. I know that You’re with Jackie all the time and You protect her as the apple of the eye, I received so much encouragement and hope through her, but Lord, I sinned so much, and yet, I feel there must be more hope for me, I am still here. Please make me new Jesus, please make me new and use me as You want, You make all things new. Oh Lord, I don’t want to make you grieve anymore, and I suffer so much because I didn’t obeyed You. Please forgive me heavenly Father because I didn’t loved you with all my heart, and all my strength 😦 But I do LOVE you. We LOVE You Father. You are still our God. Our Saviour, our Lord, our Father. You are our hope, strength and life. Your presence brings so much joy Jesus, I love to hear you speaking :), thank You for your words. I love Your word Father, I know I have yet to read it all and take quality time with You, but thank you Father that I can still belong to You. Change and build me in your image Jesus, so I can give to others, I never gave much :*( I’m so sad God… Total misfit, and yet people are drawn to me and even prepared to listen to my words, and I didn’t wanted to talk 😦 What would I say Lord? I never speak much, I’m not used to talk with people. I could be maybe teaching by now and see people healed, yet I hurted myself more than I should and I didn’t spent time with You and Your Word. But only You know the plans you have for us. I want to live so much by Your perfect plans for my life Father… All Your ways are perfect Father, I am alive by Your grace Father, I totally depend on You, thank You for all the peace and love You gave me, and even to those who don’t know you :**( We can be so fragile, yet you can show Yourself strong and perfect in our weakness, and You take our weakness and make something good out of it, for us and others. All because of who You are Father, because it pleases You. Because You still loves us. You are so worthy of trust and we will trust you always. Oh Jesus, everything seems so wrong, and my life is wrong, but You are alive. And you care. You can fix things. Please wipe the tears Jesus, and heal me o Father, let me see others healed and filled with hope and your Love :*(

    I got Isaiah 55 today, and I was so happy reading it :), I love so much when God speaks, to me or in general, it doesn’t matter I still love Him 🙂 Thank you ABBA for all you do!

    I’m sorry, this whole comment maybe turned out weird, I just wanted to give thanks to our Father in heaven for all that was shared on your blog. And then, I wish so much I could share how I met Jesus in spirit Jackie, but I’m probably unsure of that, because you said I would feel His strong presence and wouldn’t forget the moment, and yet I can’t recall the moment, but I did felt strong love and joy once while lying on bed and thinking about Jesus, not long after you prayed for me and shared certain truths with me. I felt peace few times also, without it I don’t think I’d be able to bear with my life. I know faith can’t be lost if you go away from God, but those little that I read from God’s word kept coming back in my head and in my heart and couldn’t stop thinking about it. And it’s really Jesus speaking to the heart. So I’m really unsure Jackie, I really love reading God’s word, but I done it so little so far, because I sinned so, much and couldn’t stop, and I was so convicted not only by my sin, but also by Jesus words that if we love Him we will obey His commandments. So I kept asking myself why am I doing this? Am I really this evil, I really don’t love God? Why I keep sinning? At those times I was unable to read Bible, pray, I’ve been away from the Lord quite some time, but never can’t stop thinking about Him, Jesus is basically almost 24/7 in my mind, His words keep coming back to me and I picture Him standing there and saying them, as it is written in the Bible or just like that. I am really sad that I grieved Holy Spirit so many times, I sinned on purpose but more as a slave to sin, I couldn’t turn away from it. Even though unsure of meeting Jesus in spirit, I really believe Holy Spirit is still present, I simply fell that way. Only I still cry a lot every now and then, mostly because of my sinning and missing JESUS so much, my soul suffers because I sinned so much, and then I get so sad when I see people suffering, I just saw recently this beggar on YouTube ( and cried so hard alone in bathroom. Second half of the video touched me so much and I thinked on Jesus right away.

    I recognize the time and late hour, and these days I’ve been very worried for myself too. Not only I need Jesus, but I want to spend the remaining time best I can. I feel urgency and I care for other people too. I never even spoke other people about God, I thought I need to read whole Bible first so I could know what to say. Just little earlier I gave a new bible to my brother and I was surprised when he wanted to listen when I talked about God, I just didn’t knew really how to share gospel, but I wanted to direct Him towards God and give him hope. He has no friends, and we never really talked much here, Oh Jesus help us all please. I live in a house with mother and older brother. Brother doesn’t know Jesus, and mother reads bible here and there, but they are both into some new age group, which is really bad, I can see that much better with my spiritual eyes what is truth and what are lies and truth comes always from Jesus. And I’ve been a problem still, I don’t sleep at night which causes worries to others and hurt me. I still believe God is with me after all I have done, I must have grieved and dissapointed my Father in Heaven a lot, I would be so sad and dissapointed if my children (if I had any) would act and do what I did, but I can’t give up. And I can’t cry that much all the time, it hurts my soul when I don’t live right as Jesusu wants. It’s even harder to repent next time, but I had to repent just before I went to your blog earlier. I just miss Jesus right now so much. I want to live and I want to be with my Father in Heaven.

    I’m really sorry if I made this message too long or weird. Can I ask you something Jackie? Can you remember me in a next prayer you’ll have, just shortly? I just want Jesus to be with me right now, in my life and lead me closer to Him. To help me forget my past sins and help me to love me, and others. Especially my enemies. Please can you remember me in next prayer? I will keep you and your family in my prayers. I haven’t prayed a long time, but I feel a need and urge to start praying much much more. Thank you, and
    ABBA bless you today, my dear sister in Jesus 🙂

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