Little Pilgrim

“Little Pilgrim” By Chuck Girard

Little Pilgrim walking down the road of life
I find that in your heart, you’re just a lonely one
For you see, upon that very road
My search for good and truth had its beginning
You take a little turn to the left
And you see what that path has to offer you
Then you gotta make it back to the main road anyhow
And you have all that lost time to make up for
And it’s a sad thing… to realize
That you’re all alone, that you’re on your own again

Little Pilgrim, walking down the road of life
Can’t you see that there are many others
Who are just like you
I was lookin’ in that same direction
But all I ever found were others
Who were searching just like me
And we didn’t find the way or the answers
To the questions that were buried deep down in our souls
We just found that the ways of men have no answers

Oh, don’t you wonder now
What you’re tryin’ to do
Oh, don’t you wonder now
Where that path is takin’ you

Little Pilgrim, walking down the road of life
I know that deep down in your heart that you are just like me
What you’re seekin’ is a better way
And you’re reachin’ out for temporary resting places
And you’re glad to find a little peace of mind here and there
But it won’t last no, no, cause you’ll have to move along someday
‘Til you’re resting in the arms of the only one who can help you
And it’s a glad thing to realize
That you’re not alone no more
That you found your way back home
Back home

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5 thoughts on “Little Pilgrim

  1. That was beautiful and so true. I can find myself in this song 😦 I’m glad you’re back posting. Your videos encouraged me alot, I’m alone all the time and it helped me a lot to know how there are Christians who find God in just about everything, I loved the snow and birds videos you shared, I enjoy those quiet intimate moments too, as I admire and rejoice in everything that God made.
    Jesus is the light, without Him we are in dark and don’t know were are we walking. May the Lord be with us all the time, and make us to be more like Him, so we can shine in this world and help others. I want to help others but don’t know how, as I depend so much on god’s mercy. May God’s grace and love be with us, and others. In Jesus name. I’ll keep you in my prayers. You encouraged me alot.

  2. Thank you so much brother for your edifying words. My heart goes out to you and all our brethren in this very dark hour, Jesus goes with you through the valley of death. I have taken a lil break from posting, not intentionally but because I am going through a very hard fire right now and its called my complete attention. But thanks be to JESUS, because He has given me the supernatural strength to stand and to start posting again and hopefully more videos, as He leads. I’m just blessed to endure each day that I have thus far, it’s all by His mercy, His grace and His strength. Jesus is so worth all the suffering and trials we will go thru, easier said than done I know, but we must keep our eyes on the prize … JESUS CHRIST, hallelujah! Thank you for the encouragement!

  3. Baerbel

    Dear Jackie, I am so sorry to read that you are having such a hard time. I pray for you every day. Your wonderful web-site and videos are helping many people to find their way back to Jesus. At least I found my way to Him through your Spirit-guided posts. Thank you so very much for your ministry, Jackie. I sent you an email again, because I am not allowed to Skype or write on Facebook. But we are always connected through prayer. Love, Baerbel

  4. Baerbel

    Dear Nik, the words you wrote have also been in my heart. To be a little pilgrim who tries to find his way back home often means to be alone, so much that it hurts. But when we look into the sky and try to imagine Jesus’ face smiling down on us, we suddenly don’t feel alone anymore. You seem to have such a loving heart and to be so sensitive for God’s presence. I think that the people who have the privilege to know you are simply encouraged by your fellowship. May Jesus take your hand and never let you alone. You are in my prayers. Love, Baerbel

  5. Thank you Baerbel for your prayers and for your loving words of edification, you have blessed me so. ❤ Love, Jackie

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