A Peculiar Snowflake

our tree in winter
– A Peculiar Snowflake –
Thank you Jesus, for beautifully designing the crystals that form and fall from above.

I love to watch each unique flake fluttering and floating through the skies as they quietly and gently land.

Each one falling upon another, coming together to cover the earth like a blanket of your pure and undefiled love.

You are the living water that formed me as a peculiar snowflake! I want to dance and sing to you My King, lets run and play in the snow Jesus, take my hand!

GOD OF WONDERS – Learn about some of the amazing things JESUS has created!!
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2 thoughts on “A Peculiar Snowflake

  1. Ron

    Thank you Jacki. What a powerful God we have and a loving God who wants to share all this with us. What paradise we would be in if there was no sin in the world! Let’s fix our eyes on God and what we have in Christ until we shall be with Him and He comes again to restore everything perfect.

  2. Daph

    Thank you Lord! When I eat or drink something delicious like ruby red grapefruit juice, or ponder the pattern of fractals, or listen to different songs of bird species, I have to ask… Lord what were you thinking, when you made this? I look forward to the day when He can show us His universe without any fleshly inhabitions. Amen.

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