Drink from the well of JESUS (LIVING WATER)

JESUS is the living water, those who go to HIM will never thirst. You wouldn’t drink a glass of water that had poison in it would you and you certainly wouldn’t hand it over to your loved ones to drink? MOST are doing just that when they are not heeding to the words of JESUS but rather they are heeding to the voice of strangers who have dug their own wells (they do not seek counsel of JESUS but rather their own understanding or religion) and are dispersing their poisonous water (false gospel, false peace, lies!!) to MANY and it only leads to spiritual death. BEWARE of the false water cisterns that are claiming to have fellowship with JESUS, they may LOOK like they have KNOWLEDGE but if they aren’t telling you to go to JESUS and encouraging you to keep His commands then you will know they are NOT speaking truth. You will find these wells living among us, they are everywhere, churches, streets, facebook, youtube, tv, radios, even your local “christian” book stores. JESUS will GIVE YOU a well of HIS living water of LIFE within you, if you will GO TO JESUS. His children do not drink from other wells, we only drink what is of HIS well.
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One thought on “Drink from the well of JESUS (LIVING WATER)

  1. John

    Jesus gives us the pure life giving water of the Holy Spirit. Thanks for sharing your thoughts,
    God bless and keep you!

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