An encouragement for wives who are in covenant marriage

Jesus shows His bride how to LOVE and to be holy, just as He is LOVE and is holy.

Always submit yourself fully unto JESUS first..  Allow Jesus to train you to be the spouse He created you to be, both to Him and to your spouse here on earth. Jesus knows HIS own heart and your spouses heart better than you do. Always seek Jesus for understanding in everything that you do, He will reveal the secrets of HIS heart and your spouses heart to you, ALL for His glory.  JESUS will give you the strength to be long-suffering and to walk in all the fruits of HIS spirit if you will obey Him. He will use you to woo your spouse to Him through your SELFLESS LOVE.

Pray continually for the right heart motive and for the perfect words and ways to minister to your spouses heart, mind and soul. Satan will not stop attacking your marriage. Pray always for wisdom, knowledge, understanding and discernment, and to be a step ahead of satan! REMAIN CLOSE TO JESUS!

I will be sharing share sooo much more about marriage and the role of a wife, in the near future, LORD willing.

Just to clarify —
Jesus wanted me to share this message for the bride who is in a Godly covenant (a marriage approved by God) with her husband that God has put together. People in adultery have hope too, and can have the LORD as their husband if they will seek Him with their whole heart =) !!! Those who are in a 2nd or 3rd marriage are currently in adultery if your first spouse is currently living, that’s a whole other subject…I am going to write more about. If you are in adultery, seek the LORD, there is hope for you!! You can repent of your sin and draw near to Him today, He loves you so much.
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