JESUS hates pride

Do not expect JESUS to reveal truth to you if you don’t want to hear the TRUTH. One must go to Him with a humbled heart, in all humility, as a child who seeks to LEARN. I’m speaking on personal experience because I have gone to JESUS in pride in the past, with the WRONG heart motive, and was given the same answer…which was nothing.  I went to him for a long time about something specific and finally after seeking Him diligently He gave me the truth. When I asked Him why He didn’t answer my prayer earlier, He said He withheld the truth because of my sinful heart motive, which was my pride and the fear of being wrong.  Please learn from me, put down your pride and go to JESUS for truth in ALL things. He knows ALL of our heart motives anyways. JUST be HONEST with JESUS at all times. The right motive is to seek TRUTH in ALL things, even if we turn out to be wrong about something and become embarrassed and feel foolish, we must admit when we are wrong, repent of our pride and get back up.  JESUS will reveal truth to those whom seek him with the RIGHT heart motive.  JESUS will reveal his secrets to those whom HE TRUSTS.

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