MOST of this world loves to boast about meeting someone they highly respect and idolize like their favorite celebrity, but I’m here to tell you that NOTHING compares to meeting JESUS!!!  I too once boasted in meeting and working with “kings” of this wicked world, but when I MET JESUS, I met REALITY!!  Meeting JESUS is a very supernatural experience that happens in a state of brokenness when one becomes full of GODLY sorrow by realizing they need a change of heart (repentance). This experience cannot be forgotten or mistaken. You will know that you have met JESUS, THE KING OF KINGS because you will become a new creature when He puts His heart and His fear within you. You will have a new sensitivity and hatred for sin and a new heart that loves and seeks after righteousness as you being to change within.  JESUS IS VERY REAL, HE IS REALITY. JESUS IS THE CREATOR, and MY GOD!!! You too can meet JESS, call upon the LORD, repent, He will not turn away a broken and contrite heart.

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  1. Daph

    This has been MY scripture these past couple of months. More so lately. Oh how I NEED His spirit!

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