satan is working over time in this late hour

HOLD FAST!!! STAND ON THE TRUTH. The devil will TRY to tempt the LORDS sheep to investigate and question all that JESUS has revealed to them in the darkness. FAITH IN JESUS is all that we truly need in order to believe what HE SAYS IS TRUE. JESUS IS OUR COUNSELOR. DOUBT only KILLS the very seeds He planted within us! truth

We don’t need to know all the details of His plan and we don’t need to seek the counsel of man, we just need to KNOW HIS voice and continue to obey HIM even if what He says SEEMS questionable to our understanding, NOTHING is impossible with JESUS. CLING TO JESUS. DON’T DOUBT the truth that He has already shown you through HIS eyes. WE must STEP FORWARD IN FAITH on this narrow path, not backward. CLING TO JESUS. TRUST JESUS. HE will direct you in HIS WAY without error.

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2 thoughts on “satan is working over time in this late hour

  1. Sealed

    Good Morning Jackie, I just watched your video below and read the articles above. Everything you shared was truth, Gods truth. Your right also about joy, the joy of the Lord is our strength. Jesus said in His word we would be persecuted for His Name sake. Its no surprise, no. The JOY of the Lord and His peace and presence, His word, makes each day worth it. To count the cost to live for Christ, to gain Christ, these are what are precious to the true Sheep….wherever He leads I will go, where He leads I will go. Thank you for sharing the truth. So few speak Gods word-truth and sugar coat everything and lie and deceive many. The road is narrow and few travel this narrow road. Many, many do not want to count the cost and give up there all to Follow the Master, Teacher, Jesus, friend, Bridegroom, Lord and Savior and King of Kings for all of eternity.

  2. Abba bless you, thank you for your edification and for your encouragement. So few know the REAL Jesus, this is a very dark time in human history, I just pray that this blog finds if just one soul and reaches out and uncovers the blindfold that was placed over their eyes by deceivers. JESUS is calling all to repent. Jesus bless you much!! All glory to our Lord. God bless you

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