More destruction IS coming upon the earth!! Flatterers are running rampant speaking a false peace…


There are many flatterers upon this earth that are speaking a false peace to the multitudes of people who are listening and are falsely comforted.  They remain distracted with the temporary comforts of the flesh, religion and gods of their own imaginations. Most are in a spiritual slumber about whats coming upon this earth as MOST are ignoring the voice of JESUS.

JESUS will NOT defend a people who have turned their backs upon Him (unless they repent), nor will my God defend a strange land that continues to break His heart with their sins that reach unto the heavens.

My family and I spent a couple weeks on the road out west last year; as we traveled to each destination I heard JESUS speak to my spirit about how this land will soon be unrecognizable.  I got chills when JESUS told me that. He also shared with me His indignation and sorrow as tourists gathered to get a glimpse of the “wonders of the world” but their hearts were stone cold toward their maker, to the very ONE who loves them MOST, my LORD JESUS CHRIST. When I became born again JESUS told me that we are living in the last days, that we are the last generation and His wrath is coming, His judgments are already here. JESUS told me that the four seasons we currently recognize as spring, summer, autumn and winter will change drastically, at a very rapid rate. JESUS said the seasons would never be the same upon this earth and that MANY are not prepared for the disasters to come.  Storms will increase in size and power and strange weather patterns will continue to develop and damage areas unexpected, earthquakes will continue to shake and break the idols of man, floods will come suddenly, pestilences, famines and diseases will claim the lives of MANY, this land will soon become desolate and without any hope of restoration, as will the entire earth. MANY are blind to the spiritual battle that goes on daily for their souls and the lukewarm are convinced that my Master delay His coming! JESUS IS coming soon, but MUCH destruction will continue to come, it will remain upon this entire earth until its destroyed with FIRE.  FEW are prepared to meet JESUS face to face. He cares for every soul. His mercy is being poured out RIGHT NOW; He is calling ALL to come to repentance. Are you turning your head and plugging your ears to the signs and the times we are in? Are you prepared to meet the LORD? Ready or not, JESUS IS COMING!!!! Don’t be caught without being clothed in HIS spotless righteous wedding garment, that JESUS is offering all right now, NOW is the time to prepare your hearts before the LORD. REPENT spend time with JESUS daily, draw close to Him and fight for your soul and the souls of your loved ones before it’s too late.

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2 thoughts on “More destruction IS coming upon the earth!! Flatterers are running rampant speaking a false peace…

  1. Daph

    I have often shared with my christian coworkers the judgements that are coming, and when I do, they get quiet and you can tell they don’t want to hear any gloom and doom messages. Some are banking on the rapture to get out of here, some are oblivious and in denial and think thats just the way the world is going, and then they continue and plan their lives as if there is a future in this soon to pass away world. It blows me away. I feel so sorry for them, I am hoping that they will wake up and draw close to Jesus, die to self now, before the Lords judgement happens in a tragic way and they will have to deal it then. I belive the Lord has given me destruction dreams too and I share them, but lately I keep dreaming about getting dressed to get married. I want to be ready for all of Jesus! Amen

  2. Aw thank you for your comment! AMEN, the Lord has also given me dreams and thoughts of getting dressed in my wedding gown, we dont have much time left but all the pain and suffering that may lie ahead will be worth going thru to be with our Lord. May we be obedient to JESUS and do all that He commands us to do. Its so crucial to spend time with Him everyday, it takes discipline and sacrifice, but JESUS is so worth it all!

    Sadly, most claim him and call themselves christians, but if they arent talking about Jesus and in love with him, then they arent born of His spirit. I know very FEW who truly love Jesus and are walking the narrow. God bless you

    Agape, Jackie

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