JESUS is faithful, merciful and forgiving. Yet MOST hate Him and will choose death.

Jesus would rather be called upon to show His mercy and forgiveness to the repentant heart than to have to punish man for their iniquity. Just as a father or mother would rather their child obey them than having to punish them and being made to suffer the consequence of their disobedience.  Choose LIFE; choose what is RIGHT; choose to listen to that soft voice in your mind that tells your conscience when something you’re thinking about, saying or doing is wrong.  THAT VOICE is the voice of JESUS, the voice of TRUTH, the voice of wisdom and perfect counsel.  LISTEN to JESUS; He wants to have an intimate relationship with you, to cradle you in His loving arms, to restore your soul with HIS LOVE.  The more time you spend with Him, the more you will FALL in love with JESUS, with all of your heart, mind, and soul.  Jesus created you to love Him and He came to REDEEM YOUR SOUL from having to suffer the eternal consequence of your sins.  REPENT of your sins and JESUS will pour out His wisdom upon your soul to give you the perfect counsel to OVERCOME wicked desires of the flesh and of the wicked heart.  HE will give you HIS undefiled heart, as the motivation to strive through the valley of death!!

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One thought on “JESUS is faithful, merciful and forgiving. Yet MOST hate Him and will choose death.

  1. Daph

    I wish I could love the Lord, but I don’t! It’s been a little hard to admit that and at times embarrassing. Isn’t that terrible and shameful, the God who draws my next breathe cannot be loved by me. I have been asking/ begging for Him to help me to love Him for about 4 years now, and still nothing. I have searched my “heart” and feel that it is missing something, a void, it’s empty like the abyss. I don’t understand…their are sooo many people out there that hate God, and here I am…willing, wanting, waiting. So I search my motives, He commands us to Luke 10:27, and I can’t find a valid reason not to love the Lord. Heres an observation, I work with several christians for about 8 years now, all of varying degrees in their spiritual walk, they love the Lord, but celebrate all pagan holidays (I have enlightened them about that matter), they watch tv/ rated r movies, still materialistic, I have not seen their walk become more narrower/ dying to self if you will through out the years (sadly), but they love the Lord! I really do belive that the Lord has so helped me to stop doing the things mentioned above, and other things too, but I just don’t love Him! Thats backwards, my opinion. Oh I’ve asked Him why and cannot hear I guess. It’s fustrating and is it possible to be such a dumb christian and not get it/Him?

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