Are you CAIN or ABEL?

There are MANY in this world who want to put to death the meek, loving and righteous spirit because they suffer from their own jealous heart condition. Cain was jealous of Abel and he killed his brother in his rage all because he hated the love that Abel had for GOD. Cain was jealous of their love for each other, he envied their relationship. Abel’s offering was perfect because he had the right heart condition towards GOD, which was his perfect love. Abel was the LORDS sheep who stood up for truth, to do what was right in all things. He cared and loved the heart of GOD, the lost, his enemies, God’s people and he wanted to always be pleasing in His sight.

Cain was seeking the LORD for his own selfish gain, desires and he did not have the right heart condition and fell into his own self destructive sin. God WOULD HAVE forgiven Cain, had he repented of his heart condition, but Cain did not go to GOD with his anger, he took it out on the one who loved God instead. Cain’s heart motive was to crush the spirit and LOVE that lived in his brother.

This world is full of the same CAIN anti-Christ spirit which seeks to KILL and DESTROY all that profess and claim the LOVE of JESUS CHRIST. There are MANY who are jealous of those who LOVE GOD. JESUS has called all mankind to know and love Him but only FEW have CHOSEN to love JESUS and with the right heart motivation. Therefore FEW will die with the right heart condition. JESUS’ children LOVE as HE loves and MOST of this world will hate every one of his sheep for walking with His spirit. If you are following the real JESUS, be prepared to be hated, persecuted and to be attacked by the enemy for doing righteousness and for LOVING GOD with your whole heart, mind and soul. There are MANY who claim JESUS in this world yet they are being used as a tool by satan because of their sin (jealousy), they are trying to kill the true sheep’s spirits by opposing the truth that lives within the true sheep.

GOD IS NO RESPECTER OF PERSONS. You too can have an intimate relationship with JESUS, by seeking Him with your whole heart and asking Him to help you be prepared to drink of the cup for the cost is much, the cross is heavy, and the road is NARROW, it is not easy but JESUS IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE, few will desire to REMAIN in HIM. Seek Jesus with your whole heart, mind and soul. Draw near to JESUS and HE will draw near to you. JESUS WILL give Himself as strength for His sheep to get through every trial and tribulation in this life. TRUST IN JESUS CHRIST. Repent and call upon the LORD today.

My personal testimony on this matter:
JESUS taught me this lesson through the affliction of my own sins and in my own life experience. I have been seeking Him about WHY I was treated so harshly growing up and all glory to JESUS, He is faithful to answer those who seek Him diligently!

I was an Abel as a young child but my heart grew cold and hard and I became like Cain in my anger and sin through out most of my life. I became the bully, the one who was full of ANGER and HATRED for love. I know what it’s like to be a bitter TREE with bitter fruit! But the LORD convicted me through HIS love and I chose to repent and have since become like Abel once again, as do all His sheep. JESUS WILL FORGIVE A REPENTANT AND SORROWFUL HEART, call upon the LORD with your whole heart and LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF.

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One thought on “Are you CAIN or ABEL?

  1. Barbara Price

    thank you for sending this and the other one I am here, both are very good Jackie. love you but Jesus loves you best

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