JESUS is looking for that heart that loves Him FULL-TIME

Obedience to Jesus in spurts and loving him PART TIME, is not what JESUS is looking for, He’s seeking a heart that is in LOVE with HIM in full submission to His Lordship.


Jesus’ kingdom exists in the hearts of His children!! HIS KINGDOM IS HERE!!!! Jesus will give his children commands every day, and those who obey His voice ARE walking by His spirit and they are the few who TRULY LOVE HIM!!!

Be prepared to be hated by all men for obeying JESUS!!! Persecution WILL come to those who love JESUS! There will be houses divided as FEW are willing to give up everything to follow JESUS!!

He’s the MOST PRECIOUS AND LOVING HOLY SPIRIT you will ever meet and He is worth suffering for. HE IS SO gentle, and faithful!!

Call upon the LORD, don’t waste another minute of time on this earth, we were created to LOVE JESUS.

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4 thoughts on “JESUS is looking for that heart that loves Him FULL-TIME

  1. Hi Jackie, I watched a video of your on youtbe and it brought tears to my eyes. Because I live what you were speaking of, my mothers boyfriend abhores who abides in me and my husband! The Lord has given me dreams about him and the Lord is soon to separate us as He showed me , and I praise God. When the Lord calls me forth to do something He shute the mouth of the enemy so that all is still so that I am focused and able to fouc on what Jesus is having me to do. I have a channel but no videos as the Lord will not allow me to do such…. I also have a blogspot the Lord has led me to , it is for His true sheep and the gathering of. I will be praying you as you are very precious unto our Lord.

  2. We serve Jesus Christ night and day, Praise be to my Lord, my friend and My savior, King of Kings! I make bible verse wallapers- a gift from the Lord and so freely given , freely receive!!!!

  3. sheep

    Hi Jacki, I saw your recent videos the nuclear and the fire raining down. Such seriousness, a scripture came to mind while listening forth, look here
    Luke 17:
    26“And just as it happened in the days of Noah, so it will be also in the days of the Son of Man: 27they were eating, they were drinking, they were marrying, they were being given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all. 28“It was the same as happened in the days of Lot:

    they were eating, they were drinking, they were buying, they were selling, they were planting, they were building;

    29but on the day that Lot went out from Sodom it rained ***fire and ****brimstone from heaven and destroyed them all. 30“It will be just the same on the day that the Son of Man is revealed.

    The Lord has now caused me to place up only few videos, for I believe I am being called off of the tiny babylon-youtube as the Lord likens it to. I posted two videos concerning youtbe as the Lord pressed me to do such! God bless you!

  4. sheep

    Hi Jackie, I posted the above 3 comments, those are all from me, so you know. I was given a dream in which I was to remove my blog and videos as the Lord had shown me in the dream that the apostasy was coming to take what the Lord had given me and take it down to Sodom (youtube). As soon as I got up I deleted everything, the blog and the videos. God shows us and than we must obey. I read your cain and abel and the words. I forget things but the Holy Spirit within reminds me and when I read yours this was brought back to rembrance…

    I love how the Spirit of the Lord shows us the deep things of Him in His word. I want to share this as the Lord closed me up in my room and than poured the below forth within me. After reading it you may delete it from here. The Lord bless and keep you!

    I AM the Lord thy God and I have anointed thee to speak forth, all that I shall speak through you so shall you speak. For many have spoken by the arm of the flesh and the oldness of the letter. But I h ave written My law into the true hearts of my sons20and into the true hearts of my daughters, whom shall speak forth whatsoever they hear, by My Spirit, say’s the Lord. For the heart of many have walked in the way of the Cain’s by the arm of the flesh and not by My Spirit. These are they whom have not given up self to come fully and wholly unto Me, for they speak not the truth of My word. For I have spoken to and Now speak to a stiff-necked, rebellious people who will not turn from their unrighteous acts and from their unholy ways.For many have followed in the way of Baalam.
    These are they whom have profaned My Holy Word says the Lord and will not Hearken unto Me, nor humble themselves under the hand of the Almighty Living God. For I have begun a good work unto the separating of the Cains and of the Abel’s,from the Holy and from the Profane. To the separating of my righteous from the unrighteous who will not walk in My ways, nor hearken to wise counsel, says the Lord. I bore the sins for all of mankind. I the Lord thy God have rent the hearts of many. I rent the curtain asunder and by a new and better covenant, I the Lord thy God have called a Holy people unto me. Separated from the world, a holy people, a righteous people have I set apart. As the world knew me not, so they know not mine own. My chosen.

    For Wisdom cries out into the streets and Understanding lies at the hearts and the doors of men. Knowledge rest in the pages of My Holy Word and in the Inner man. By My Spirit, My Truth beckons at the doors for sinners to come and for repentance to be laid across the inner heart of man. Righteousness calls out to walk in my Truth and just ways and not in the ways of man.
    For I have called and now call forth for a Holy people to walk in My Spirit and in My Truth upon this earth. To Hearken unto me in all of thy ways. To understand Me, says the Lord is to understand My Word and that of My Righteous and right ways and to Fear Me is the beginning of Wisdom, Knowledge. Truth and Righteousness are my righteous ways and the just shall surely walk in them. I am the Pillar and ground of Truth. I Am the Pillar of Wisdom. I Am the Pillar of Knowledge. I Am the Pillar of Understanding. I Am the Pillar of Righteousness.I am the Pillar of Councel. I am the Pillar of Strength.I Am the Great and Terrible God judging the just and the unjust in this earth. I AM the God of Righteousness and the God of Truth.

    The Cains shall remain in blindness for they lead daily, many people astray. I the Lord shall pluck them from t heir hands. I will shoot forth a firebrand and will it not pierce? It shall surely pierce. Wherefore I send My Word it Shall not return unto Me void, says the Lord. Come out from among them says the Lord and be ye seperate unto Me and walk in thy right ways and Acknowledge that I Am He whom saves. I Am He who brings forth deliverance. I Am He who opens the prison doors . I am the Lord thy God who sets the captives free. For I Am, He who holds the key to the gates of heaven and to the gates of sheol. I will deliver those whom are bound and who have been held captive and led into bondage by the way of the many Cain’s. For they are carried about by every wind of doctrine, clouds without water,waves of the sea to be ever tossed to and fro. I came to save that which was lost and I know who are Mine says the Lord. Darkness shall cover their hardened hearts for those whom sit in darkness shall remain in darkness. Those whom desire more Light shall recieve even more Light. Those who are coming into the Light from the darkness shall be drawn into Light. For with thee is the fountain of life and in thy light shall they see more of my light. I the Lord , I am the True Light of the world and I am calling the lost into the light of my truth by My Spirit, of my holy word!

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