We are in the Last Days…

JESUS is coming for a spotless bride, a holy bride that is LONGING for His appearing. But FIRST, He is pouring out His mercy with the many disasters that are upon this earth. And many more to come! He is calling for all to come to repentance! What a merciful and loving GOD! Will you be ready? Will you be ready to go THROUGH the tribulations and trials ahead that will test your heart?! Or will you deny Jesus and the true gospel because it will be more comfortable for your flesh to remain in the world? Will you be able to stand before your maker without shame and know that you ran the race and did all that He commanded of you? GET READY! Get your hearts ready to meet the maker of heaven and earth!!!! NOW IS THE TIME OF SALVATION!!! SEEK JESUS WHILE YOU CAN.

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One thought on “We are in the Last Days…

  1. brokenathisfeet

    Great post Sis. Straight to the point.

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