Do you KNOW what time it is?

Have you found the REAL JESUS (HE is the most precious treasure you can find!!) DOES JESUS KNOW YOU? Are you SEEING the LORDs heart and his overflowing mercy for man to repent? ARE you taking these signs around you seriously or shrugging them off and going on with your day??

Landslides, earthquakes, cannibalism (demon possession), plagues of locusts, bloody waters, record breaking solar flares and heat storms, unusual weather changes, wild fires, baseball sized hail, floods, tsunami’s , typhoons’, wars and rumors of wars, dead birds, fish, cows, and dolphins…and so much more!!

I ask again, do you KNOW what time it is?? ASK JESUS!!!! GET READY, the LORD has only begun His judgment on this wicked earth and perverse generation; this dying world doesn’t LOVE HIM! Most don’t care to KNOW (love/obey/serve) JESUS.  It takes more than just repeating a prayer, love is faithfulness and long-suffering, are you faithful to JESUS?  Only those who endure to the end will be saved. Only those whom the LORD KNOWS will get through His gates!! All thieves and robbers will be caught and sentenced to hell. Repent. Get right with JESUS in this late hour, don’t put it off, you need Him!

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