This blog is based on my walk with my Lord, please learn from my past mistakes (many to be written about yet) and instead of wanting to do things YOUR WAY, please understand that there is a GOD who made you and He loves you and if you obey JESUS, and live this one life you get..all FOR Him, then you will experience the POWER of the LORD in your own life and you won’t regret it!!  Live your life, HIS WAY, because He IS the RIGHT way, and HE is truth. Play the following song as you read the rest of my blog. 🙂

I’m just a child of Jesus who experienced the power of the LORDS healing on my soul and immediately wanted to jump online and tell the world about the LOVE of JESUS.  I started a youtube v-log in 2010, but have since grown in my walk with JESUS and have so much more to share in writing too.  I don’t always get to be alone long enough to record videos but Lord willing, I hope to record again soon. I have so much truth to share with the world.  I’m not creating these blogs to “teach” but to show you that I had to learn the HARD WAY, what not-to-do and I just want to be a walking testimony for JESUS. Before I gave my life to Jesus… I really messed up my life… but He took away the blinds from my eyes one evening and restored my heart and relationships that I almost destroyed indefinitely.  Jesus literally gave me spiritual eyes to see the world the way it is and to see truth in all things as He sees truth.  I had a supernatural experience, I knew that I was never going to be the same!  I felt the LORD remove the scales from my eyes and I felt His spirit come and live in my soul.  I don’t know how else to explain it but it was such an intense feeling of freedom from all the demonic voices and oppression that I was under for soo many years of my life.  I almost cry everytime I tell the story. You can hear more about my testimony on the video below.  I am on here and youtube because I only hope to be worthy enough to be a vessel and help others see the POWER of the LORD, to help the souls of many who are on their way to hell, I want to share JESUS with you, ALL for HIS GLORY.  Please don’t resist TRUTH, just embrace TRUTH (JESUS) with your whole heart!!!! He is faithful!!  I should definitely be in hell right now.

I should be in hell today, but because of the awesome grace of JESUS, He spared my life and let me live to tell the world about HIS HEALING LOVE.

My Partial Testimony…
I was as dead-man walking in dead empty bones and certainty of hell until JESUS rescued me. I was an alcoholic, smoked, popped pills, suicidal, depressed, unforgiving, anger, Jesus saved me from Hollywood, jezebel, suffered anxiety attacks and social anxiety, lustful, a harlot at heart, selfish, arrogant, manipulative, a liar, cursed, opened doors to the occult, dealt with demonic oppression and manifestation. It took a life changing, self-destructing sin to truly fall on my knees before JESUS with ALL my heart. He broke down the walls around my heart within seconds that took me 25+yrs to build. His love broke through and here I am today with a NEW HEART. I should be in hell but my Jesus had mercy on me and I’m here to tell you HE IS REAL! Repent, JESUS loves you.

When you fall in love with JESUS with your whole heart, mind and soul, then sin begins to be purged and wickedness falls far away from our desires.  We begin to LOVE what JESUS loves and HATE what JESUS hates and THAT is the beginning to the road of healing for your soul. Get to know JESUS on a deeper intimate level.

He loves you so much and will give you strength to endure to the end to be saved, IF you confess and REPENT of sin, then put your trust in HIM. We NEED Jesus everyday!! There isn’t a moment that you aren’t on the LORDS mind, be aware of the spiritual battle that surrounds you daily. JESUS is holding His hand out to you, while the devil is trying to distract you and keep you rolling around in the sins of this wicked world. Put the devil under your feet and stand on the foundation of truth (JESUS).

He IS faithful and will not fail you!! Seek the LORD with your whole heart while there is still time.

(The flower photo above was taken in May of 2012 in my flowerbed. JESUS created such beautiful flowers! Feel free to save the flower. Click on the photo for a larger size then right click on your mouse and select “save as”)

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One thought on “JESUS is EVERYTHING.

  1. michelle

    Beautiful testimony! I’m so happy you have started a blog… it will help me and many others, I just know this in my Spirit!

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